Connected Vehicles and Consumer Security using IoT technology

The exponential growth in connected vehicles is amusing. While automotive companies are bragging about the advantages, there are downsides they should be worried about. Thinking of it from a consumer’s perspective, the rapid development and deployment of connected vehicles are becoming a fearful subject. In a survey conducted on ten thousand adults in the US […]

Chinese Researchers Demonstrate the Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicles

The Internet of Things and Autonomous Vehicles Transforming Fleet Management

The rumors about how autonomous vehicles are changing driving as we know it today are all over the internet. People are eager to adopt this innovation as soon as it debuts the market. Many companies have already embedded an array of useful features to make driving smooth and comfortable, and 80% of the population worldwide […]

Japanese Firms are ready to Design Autonomous Ships

Netherlands Rail Tracks Will Be Monitored By 2000 Smart Sensors

It seems Netherlands will be the first country to use IoT sensors in their rail networks. ProRail, the governmental rail maintenance company, will be installing more than 2000 smart sensors to monitor the assets of the rail network. Amongst all 1500 sensors will be integrated on the point with point heating, while more than 500 […]

Qualcomm – Supplying One Million IoT Sensors and Chips per Day

Research States Connected Cars Can Improve Road Safety

A new research explained the perception of motorist towards connected cars is changing. Today, more than 50% of drivers believe connected vehicles can improve road safety, and the study ensures it. The study surveyed over 3000 motorists through Aviva insurance company. Amongst all candidates, 57% agreed that the vehicles with smart features can make the […]

One among Three People Expect a Driver-less Connected Car Until 2026

Chinese Researchers Demonstrate the Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicles

Chinese IoT security experts from Keen Security Lab in Shanghai once again unveiled the potential threats of connected vehicles. The team was able to hack into an autonomous technology vehicle designed and developed by Tesla for the second consecutive year. The team used the vehicles in-car browser to run malicious code. Once the system was […]

Are Connected Cars safe?