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Best Wearables Available in the Market using IoT technology

Best Wearables Available in the Market using IoT technology


The internet is the main source of information. Anything you think of, the internet can provide you the answers within seconds. Besides that, it is a great place to meet new friends, have a team conversation, or store your information for later.

The answer mentioned above was accurate five years ago! Today, the internet can connect every device around us to create a network of things. The spectrum of internet has encircled new possibilities, and it would be legit to say that we stand at the edge of technology. One of the best offering of the modern technology is the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things has enabled simple devices to communicate with applications and provide us the information we need. Today, the technology is used across multiple industries and modern homes are also initiating their steps towards it. Wearable tech is also a part of the Internet of Things, and it has grabbed the attention of both tech enthusiasts and normal civilians.

Today we are going to look into three best wearables for modern consumers.

The Bluetooth Headset

The first wearable device that debuted in the market was the Bluetooth headsets. These headsets were wireless and kept us away from the tangling wires while ensuring the best quality sound. Wireless headsets connect to our mobile devices and pass the sound through air. Since the technology was incepted, many devices have been designed using similar technology. Today we can see it in smartphone communications, drones, and even Fitbit trackers.

Fitbit Wearables

Isn’t it great to have a small band on your wrist to detect your heartbeat rate, count number of steps you walk every day, and even warn you if have any issues in your body? Fitbit is designed to do that and even more.

In the past few years, the sale of Fitbit wearables has grown by leaps and bounds. The company has earned its reputation by putting out new products in the market every year. The IoT platforms available can be easily connected with Fitbit devices. This allows the user to create a report and keep track of their fitness activities. Fitbit has taken the fitness technology to a whole new level and the Internet of Things has pushed it a little further.

Apple and the Smart Watch

Smartwatch is a revolution in the world of wearable tech. The watch, though tiny, presents a new form of technology for tech enthusiasts. The watch can communicate with your smartphones, show emails and texts, make and take calls, and automated messages. Students were the primary group of users targeted by smartwatch companies. But since the product proved its versatility, it is admired by different groups of tech enthusiasts, regardless of the age. Today there are many companies that design smartwatches. Apple was the first initiator, which was later followed by many companies including Samsung, Xiaomi, and more.

The products mentioned above are only few examples of the connected wearables. The possibilities are endless!