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Five IoT Analytics Platforms

Five IoT Analytics Platforms


Analytics Platform is a must have for businesses planning to make their operational activities faster and smarter. But selecting the right IoT platform to serve the business purpose is still a hectic task for many companies. The IoT platform must support all the connected devices inside your organization and enhance their functionality.

Today, we will talk about five renowned IoT platforms across every industry. Take a quick look at each one of them and find the right one that caters your business needs.

Vitria IoT Platform

Smarter actions, faster analytics, and better outcomes are few of the functions of the Vitria IoT Analytics Platform. It’s a place to boost your business operations and track new ways for revenue growth.

This multi-faceted platform enables unified analytics via Temporal Analytics Engine, and smart action empowered by intelligent tools and prescriptive analytics. It also includes self-service and automation capabilities to save time and cut-costs from every corner. This solution can create analytics solutions in minutes compared to human intelligence.


Tellient’s IoT Analytics is designed for easy analysis and consumption of data. It provides information with beautiful graphs, organized data collected for machinery, and easy access to all your IoT devices. Tellient is designed for businesses with IoT devices. Tellient’s IoT analytics helps businesses to understand what their devices are doing and how to optimize them to the fullest.


ParStream Analytic Platform is designed to handle a massive amount of IoT data and interpret them for the users. The platform helps companies to generate real-time, actionable insights by providing effective ways to articulate the data. It provides detail report and helps decision makers to make informed decisions. The platform uniquely queries at the source of data for real-time analysis as data is being loaded. It is one of the best platforms for businesses who want to initiate their steps towards the Internet of Things.

IBM IoT Platform

IBM IoT Platform is a simple yet functional platform for businesses, which provides access to the powerful application to empower your IoT devices. With this platform, you can create custom visualization dashboards, mobile IoT applications, and analytics application. Simply put, it is all in one IoT platform for businesses of every stature.

Spunk IoT Platform

Spunk is an intelligent platform to collect, analyze, articulate, and dispatch large volume of data collected by network, website, and IoT devices. It includes a simple and easy to use dashboard with a plethora of features that you would love in your IoT analytics tool. It is a great tool for IoT newbies and a reliable platform for experts.