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Four Advantages of Industrial Automation using IoT Technology

In today’s context, automation is the key to 21st industrial revolution. The foundation of industrial automation is based on ICT technology, control system, machine learning, and M2M technology. The use of robotics in different fields is allowing business to map an agile way to manage production. Automation, in the last few years, has evolved as […]

Key Benefits of Industrial Automation using IoT Technology

How the Data from the IoT can Affect Automobile Industry?

The IoT and the network of connected things are changing trends in a variety of industries. Amongst all, Automobile Industry is significantly affected by the rise of the IoT. According to IHS Automotive, “There will be more than 150 million connected cars by the end of 2025, generating, approximately, 3TB of data every day”. Companies […]

Augmented Reality and IoT in Automobile Industry