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Top Internet of Things Application Areas

Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things is the hottest tech topic. IoT was first incepted in 1990 and today it has made a robust presence is different sectors, including medical and automobile industries. IoT offers centralized control over every device around us and connects them to a common network. As predicted by Gartner, the number of […]

Where is the Internet of Things (IoT) now and where its headed?

Five Benefits of Smart Cities using IoT Technology

For tech enthusiasts “smart city’ is not a new term, it is a word we stumble upon every day. The excitements that revolve around future cities are boundless. The changes are happening rapidly, and it will bring a revolution in our lifestyle. Most countries have already initiated their steps towards smart cities, and soon we […]

Moscow – Europe’s Leading Smart City using IoT technology

Top 5 Smart City Solutions

Whether we are ready to accept it or not, the Internet of Things is making a huge impact on our daily lives. Among all, one of the most influential aspects of the IoT is a smart city. There are numerous solutions to empower smart cities. These solutions are designed to ease city access, increase citizen […]

Smart Cities should be designed for Humans using IoT technology

Since the beginning of time, Technology has always been a prime reason for the evolution of humanity. Technological breakthroughs have massively impacted our lifestyle and the way we live. Throughout different eras, technological innovations have altered the structure of buildings and the foundation upon which they are built. Today, the world is taking a huge […]

PwC’s Report on Top Smart Cities of the World